Gaming & VFX


wSAD.IO Roots

Our Story

Gaming has always been a passion & a lifestyle of us, no matter what industry we were working in – games still played a huge part of our lives.

Many of us work in or around games, or are game developers, vfx developers, engineers, marketers and despite the breath of the industries we are involved in, gaming… still binds us, is still our unified love. started out as a company that helped other gaming companies solve problems when they arose, nothing was to big, to small or to complex, we wanted to do it all – and do it all we did…. almost, we worked in everything from DevOps, to Tooling, Automation & Frameworks but we had never worked on our own IP. 


Our Mission

To make our own Games – but, to do it differently. 

We are currently looking for ‘that project’ we want to invest our time, energy, love and passion into… so, watch this space.