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Helium & Solana

Find out more about the integration between the Helium Project and Solana Blockchain, which is perfect for IoT, 5G, DAO’s, dAPP’s, DeFi projects and so much more.

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IoT Coverage on Helium Blockchain

Building IoT and 5G Coverage. Create a connected world with Helium

Helium Blockchain Documentation

Helium's documentation for in-depth information and resources.

Helium Community

Engage with a vibrant community of Helium enthusiasts. Connect, learn, and share your ideas.

Helium Developers

Discover resources and tools for developers working with Helium. Build decentralized applications and contribute to the ecosystem.

RPC Service Degraded

Apr 21, 03:17 UTCResolved - This incident has been resolved. Apr 21, 02:29 UTCMonitoring - The RPC service is back online. We will be monitoring its performance to ensure it stays stable. Apr 21, 01:37 UTCIdentified - The backend RPC service that the Helium Wallet App...

IOT Proof-of-Coverage Beaconing degraded in Europe and AS923

Mar 1, 21:34 UTCResolved - This incident has been resolved. Mar 1, 20:17 UTCUpdate - On further investigation, the Developers have concluded that the issue is also likely affecting Hotspots in AS923 regions, which broadly covers some regions in Asia, Australia and New...

Helium Wallet / RPC Degraded Performance

Jun 9, 17:34 UTCResolved - This incident has been resolved. Jun 9, 16:36 UTCMonitoring - The fix appears to have addressed the issue but we will continue to monitor to ensure stability is maintained. Jun 9, 15:43 UTCIdentified - The issue has been identified and a...

Hotspots not displaying in Wallet App

Apr 30, 03:58 UTCResolved - The indexing fix made by the RPC provider appears to have resolved the UX issues that Wallet users were experiencing. Additional monitoring will be put into place to prevent an issue like this from happening again. Thank you for your...

Solana Migration

Apr 20, 01:16 UTCCompleted - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Apr 18, 16:59 UTCUpdate - The Helium native blockchain has been stopped and is being migrated to Solana. The migration should take 24 hours to complete. During this time, Data Transfer and...

Degraded Data Transfer in U.S.

Jun 26, 16:37 UTCUpdate - We are continuing to investigate this issue. Jun 26, 16:37 UTCInvestigating - Due to a high amount of packet rate, the data transfer in U.S. may be experiencing degraded service. The core team is on it and we will provides updates here.

Helium Wallet – RPC Degraded Performance

Jul 4, 01:07 UTCIdentified - We have identified an issue with the Solana RPC and are coordinating with the third party provider on resolution. Helium Wallet App performance may be degraded at this time.

Onboarding Service Upgrade

Apr 11, 17:05 UTCCompleted - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Apr 11, 17:01 UTCIn progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. Apr 11, 16:36 UTCScheduled - We will be upgrading the Onboarding Service to...

Packet Router Rollout In Progress

May 9, 18:34 UTCResolved - Based on the monitoring, all packet routers have fully stabilized and rollout is complete. May 9, 16:43 UTCUpdate - Based on the monitoring, the core team is rolling out the GRPC connection stability update to all packet routers. May 9,...

Oracle upgrades

THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Jun 28, 18:00 - 19:00 UTC Jun 27, 19:01 UTCScheduled - Several IOT and MOBILE service components will be upgraded to improve performance and lay the groundwork for new features. These upgrades will be rolled out individually over time. No...