According to a report published on Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate, holds between $100,000 and $250,000 in bitcoin (BTC). The holdings contradict his statements at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in May, where Kennedy claimed he was not an investor. Kennedy’s campaign manager maintains that the BTC acquisition occurred subsequent to the candidate’s remarks in May.

Robert Kennedy Jr’s Bitcoin Fortune Revealed

Financial records uncovered by CNBC reveal that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic candidate running against U.S. president Joe Biden, possesses bitcoin valued between $100,000 and $250,000, equivalent to 3.31 to 8.27 BTC. Kennedy, the son of former senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy, allegedly contradicted his earlier remarks at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, as stated in the CNBC report.

At the time, Kennedy stated, “I am not an investor and I am not here to give investment advice,” while also informing the audience that his 2024 campaign would accept BTC donations. According to the financial records, the presidential candidate completed the paperwork on June 30, 2023, over a month following the conference. Subsequent to the publication of CNBC’s article, Dennis Kucinich, Kennedy’s campaign manager, informed the publication that the bitcoin was acquired post-conference.

In relation to ethical considerations, Kucinich conveyed to CNBC:

There is no conflict here.

Kennedy has expressed feeling marginalized by the mainstream media, as he himself stated on various occasions. During an interview with the New York Post, Kennedy clarified that despite being portrayed as an “anti-vaxxer” by the mainstream media, he is not against vaccines. “I urge people to listen to what I actually say instead of listening to the litany of derisive sound bites that the mainstream media offers to mischaracterize and distort my positions on the whole range of issues,” Kennedy emphasized during the interview.

The CNBC report, authored by Brian Schwartz, further notes that Kennedy has “come under fire for spreading misinformation about vaccines at large,” in an article completely unrelated to vaccines. Notably, almost every mainstream article covering Kennedy mentions his purported “anti-vaccine” position, often employing terms such as “conspiracy theorist” or “anti-vaxxer” to marginalize his viewpoint. However, the financial records dated June 30, 2023, do not specify the exact timing of Kennedy’s bitcoin (BTC) acquisition.

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